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Healing through the Power of Touch

Karen Kuzminsky, LMT is a professional and gifted practitioner with over 25 years experience in massage therapy here in Newport, Rhode Island. She specializes in Deep Tissue Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation and Rosen Method Bodywork. Karen is Rhode Island licensed, nationally certified and a ABMP member.

Her extensive credentials include:

  • Bancroft School of Massage – Graduated 1995

  • Rosen Method Practitioner – Certified 2003

  • Yoga Instructor – Certified 2006

  • Continuing Education in Craniosacral Therapy, Zero Balancing, Reiki, Yin and Meridian Yoga, Mindful Meditation

All of this knowledge makes Karen an extremely qualified practitioner to help you in all aspects of your health and well being.

Karen’s approach is intuitive with every curative session catering to your individual needs. She uses a listening and laser focused touch. She promotes your awareness into your muscle tension and the patterns they are creating in your structural being. Focusing where you are holding tension and anxiety to facilitate it’s release. Clients often report not only a decrease in physical pain and stiffness, but also feelings of renewed consciousness, freedom and clarity of spirit. She has even had client’s say they feel lighter and less burdened!

Karen is also the loving mother of two amazing children. “I believe anything can be healed:  The body heals when the soul is acknowledged, and my intention is to help you make this important connection.”

Karen has been a licensed, practicing bodyworker for over 25 years and has been sharing her love and passion for dance, yoga and movement for as long as she can remember!

Headshot of Karen Kuzminsky

My Approach to Massage Therapy

My approach to massage therapy is centered around creating a safe and nurturing space for you to relax and let go. I believe that by combining various techniques and modalities, we can create a holistic healing experience that addresses all aspects of your being. From Swedish massage to deep tissue, I offer a range of services to help you find your perfect balance.

Photo of massage and healing sanctuary
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